Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NVS AUDIO 2009 Chevy Tahoe Build (Audio and Interior)

Audio and Interior upgrade 2009 Tahoe
(same for the 2007 - 2012 Yukon, Suburban, Tahoe and Escalade)

We started with the Audison Bit ten audio processor, All the new Gm suvs require some sort of signal processing when using a factory head unit to feed after market amplifiers. The factory signal has a built in EQ curve to make the most out of the low quality factory speakers, using a processor like the Bit one or the Bit Ten Re Eq and flatten the factory eq curve. It also adds 6 sets (or 8 on the bit ten) of  Hi volt rca outputs (front,rear and sub) 30 band eq, time alignment, 24bd per octave crossovers, line driver and much much more. check out their website


bit Ten

(From Audison's website)
bit Ten is a multi-function digital processor featuring analog input, capable of transforming ordinary OEM or after-market system into a high-performance system.
Provided with a 32 bit, 147 MHz clock speed DSP as well as 24 bit A/D and D/A converters, bit Ten is controlled by a software especially developed for signal treatment according to the vehicle acoustic peculiarities.
Setting the parameters of each input single channel, setting the delays according to the listening position, adjusting crossovers and equalizers for each of the 5 output channels; all of these operations can be managed by the PC.
During the installation phase, after converting the analog signal into digital, bit Ten automatically reconstructs a digital full-bandwidth stereo signal; de-equalizes the frequency response and, if necessary, reconstructs the central and sub woofer channels.
The user can configure the output mode of each channel relative to the installed system.
It is designed to be connected with the DRC, Digital Remote Control (optional).

The signal from the Bit Ten then runs to a pair of Hertz HDP series Amps. We love these amps because they are Clean , Powerful and most importantly SMALL!!! There is NO space in these new full size suvs with the 3rd row seating in place. 

The HDP4 gives us 150 watts rms x4 into 4 ohms driving a sets of Hertz Hi Energy 165XL conponents passive in the front doors and a set of Hi Energy HCX165 coaxial in the rear doors. The doors were treated to STP silver on the metal surface of the door skin and directly behind the speaker, 2 layers. Then the inside of the door panel was treated with STP closed cell foam STP SPL 08. Then we made 3/4 Birch mounting rings to properly space the and seal the Hertz drivers into the doors.

We ran a single hertz esf 25.5 in a small flat sealed box behind the 3rd row seat.

Other Upgrades include :
Strut Grill and Strut badges
Full custom all Leather diamond stitched interior
Black suede headliner and A + B pillars
red led lighting kit
24 inch Diable Elite wheels custom painted
HID headlights and fog lights
Viper color hd pager alarm remote start with smart start cell phone link and GPS tracking
Mechman dual alternator setup with dual batteries

\Upcoming mods :
Ipad in center console
Police siren and Police strobes

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758 Lidgerwood ave