Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cadillac CTV Build at NVS AUDIO

For this Build we started off with a aggressive concave set of Luxury XO Miami wheels in a 20x10.5 Brushed black finish.
One of the reasons for choosing this wheel was to show off the factory 8 piston brake calipers.
The wheels where then shipped off to Need Powder coating ,
where Billy and his team powder coated the wheels a nice red candy to match the car's exterior.
He then re-cut the machined face of the wheel to give it a nice contrast.

Next up is widening the rear quarter panels and reshaping the flairs to tuck the rear wheels in nicely and a lowered stance all the way around.
For audio we turned to Hertz and Audison.
We kept the factory Cadillac motorized 8 inch navigation dvd headunit and fed it's signal into a Audison bit ten d processor.  The customer was not happy with the speed of the factory head unit or its user interface so he has us integrate his ipad mini into the center arm rest and feed that signal into the bit ten as well. We installed a interface that allows video from the ipad to be displayed on the fatory touch screen along with video feeds from the front and rear mounted cameras that he can bring up at anytime. We also added a Mito gentex mirror with a 3inch screen build in so that the back up camera would display on there when ever the motorized facirty screen was down as he was trying to park.
Signal from the Audison Bit ten D  then passes to a set of Hertz HDP amplifiers flush mounted in the rear trunk floor. The four channel powers a set of Hi Energy components active while the mono powers a single Hertz HI Energy 15 inch sub woofer vented through the rear deck. The factory subwoofer was removed from the rear deck and a custom insert was made to allow the bass into the car with out rattle.
Audison connection power ground and signal cable was used throughout the entire install.
Stp sound proofing was applied to all bare metal surfaces.
The cars is protected by a viper 2 way color LCD alarm system and smart start smart phone link with GPS tracking. To make sure that the V would not be touched a police siren was added to the alarm system.
Future upgrade plan include :
Audison Voce amplifiers
with Bit In
Full D/A digital audio
Stage 2 horse power upgrade
Custom Exhaust system

Monday, November 11, 2013

Porsche 911 GT3 Audio upgrade by NVS AUDIO

NVS AUDIO had the honor of building a 1 off audio system for this rare, fully  loaded
 Porsche 911 GT3.
We were asked by the client to keep the install light weight so performance of the car would not suffer but at the same time not sacrifice sound quality or output.

Both goals were achieved ! We build a composite subwoofer enclosure that weighed less than 20 pounds to house to carbon fiber cone Kenwood Excellon 10 inch subwoofer. The subwoofers were chosen for their performance and the fact that the carbon fiber faces matched all the carbon fiber accents on the car. The subwoofers were trimmed in a factory Porsche Carrera White fiberglass insert panel with the customer's logo laser etched and back lit in red led. The whole enclosure was then wrapped in factory Porsche wool carpet to blend well with the factory interior. The factory roll cage was color matched to the body of the car as well as the plastic inserts in the factory carbon fiber racing seats.
The factory navigation head unit was retained and upgraded to accept video input from the customer's iPhone, Signal from the factory head unit is fed into a Audison Bit Ten D processor.

The system is then tuned using our audio control and term lab computer software and microphone calibration setup. The audio is then fed into 2 vintage Precision Power art series amplifiers that the customer had left over from a previous install. The 4 channel amp run a set of Phoenix gold components active in the factory speaker locations of the Porsche.
The factory audio system was barely audible of the sound of the upgraded GT3 exhaust, the new upgraded system easily drowns out the exhaust tone and sound great doing it. The audio system is now both powerful and refined.

Nvs Audio
720 East Saint Georges ave
Linden NJ 07036