Monday, May 26, 2014


The owner of this  Acura NSX wanted us to update the look of they car without doing anything drastic , he just wanted small subtle changes and a big upgrade in sound while maintaining a stock appearance. We could not find a lip spoiler that we liked so we fabricated one from a sheet of High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. We then molded the lip on to the factory bumper cover and blended the seam. We smoked and cleared the tail lights , side marker lights and bumper lights. We all so blacked out all the factory badges. We upgraded the factory headlights to HID and upgraded the factory underhood battery to a XP power agm power cell. 

For the audio upgrade we choose to go with a combination of Phoenix gold Hertz audio and Kenwood.   All power and speaker wiring in the car is Stinger.
The car did not come with a double din slot from factory so we had to modify it to accommodate the new Kenwood Excelon DNN990HD. We chose this unit as a source because it is the flagship unit from Kenwood and features Garmin navigation Built-in , Photo Real Junction View, Lane Assist, Multi-Route Review, ecoRoute, My Trend
Garmin Smartphone Link , 7 inch touch screen display, Built in WiFi  , built in Bluetooth and 5volt pre outs.
After the new dash trim was constructed we had all the factory trim panels wrapped in REAL Carbon fiber along with the factory def user cowl .

The factory 4 inch  plastic Bose sub woofer enclosure  was removed from the passenger foot well and a new one was completely fabricated out of fiberglass and MDF to house a Hertz 10 inch Energy sub-woofer. The Bose 4 inch speaker enclosures were also removed from the doors were also removed to make room for a set of Phoenix gold  Ti 6.5 inch components ran active. Stp silver sound deadening was used throughout the NSX (floors, doors, trunk). A steel amp rack was fabricated to hold the 2 Phoenix gold   amplifiers (rx 500.1 rx400.4). The rack is held in place with riv-nuts to the body of the car and stainless steel fasteners secure it in place. The amp rack floats about 7 inches off the floor of the truck to maintain maximum truck space. Acrylic accent pieces were laser-ed with our shop logo and the NSX logo then edge lit with led and trimmed in carbon fiber vinyl.

I viper 2 way color HD alarm remote start with smart start gps tracking  was added to protect the car.
The Acura NSX was featured in this months Mobile Electronics Magazine.

720 east Saint georges ave

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Audison Prima line now in stock at NVS Audio

The Prima line is brand new from Audison . The ap8.9 bit is a hybrid 8 channel digital amplifier with a bit dsp built it. The amplifier is perfect for a factory upgrade or full fresh new install. It will actively drive 2 tweeters , 2 mid range drivers , 2 mid bass drivers and a subwoofer ! It will also do time alignment on all channels , crossover filters for all channels independently and 9 band parametric eq. It also has a toslink digital input !!