Saturday, September 20, 2014

Iphone 6 plus installed in car dash on release date september 19th 2014 by NVS AUDIO Linden NJ

Nvs Audio
On the Iphone 6 release date 9-19-14 integrated a iphone 6 plus into the dash
of a Mercedes Smart Car.
iphone 6 + installed in dash of car

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 The Iphone 6 plus's 5.7 inch display is larger than most
factory and some aftermarket multimedia / navigation screens!
The iphone streams audio via a wireless Bluetooth connection and the
Volume is controlled by a Audison bit one processor also integrated into the cars'
dash board. The 6 plus functions as the cars' main unit for Navigation, Bluetooth hands free calls,
Music (fm or internet radio ), emails, text messages, etc... all controlled by Siri hands free.
The Iphone 6 plus quickly and easily removes from its dock in only a few seconds. Nvs Audio specializes
in tablet in dash installs but feels that there will be a large market for iphone 6 plus integration because
of the reduded fabrication cost (due to the smaller size than the ipad mini)  and the fact that the
Customer will not need a separate data plan to run the device.
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