Friday, December 16, 2011


Honeywell this week announced the arrival of its new Connect Comfort Services for Ipad and Iphone !!!

Honeywell this week announced the arrival of its new Connect Comfort Services, which can monitor and control heating and cooling systems using a smartphone or tablet.

"There is an enormous opportunity to integrate and connect home comfort with everyday technologies to help our home and business owners be more productive, energy efficient, and most of all, comfortable,"  John Tyhacz , vice president and general manager for Honeywell's Home Comfort and Energy Systems business, said as part of the announcement.

"Total Connect Comfort Services is a natural extension of Honeywell's 120+ yearlong track record of innovation and commitment to providing ease and comfort to our customers."

Viper SmartStart Wins Coveted Global Media Award at SEMA

Viper SmartStart Wins Coveted Global Media Award at SEMA

Vista, CA (11.30.2011) – Viper is pleased to announce that the company was selected by an esteemed panel of judges for introducing one of the best new international products at this year’s SEMA Show. Viper is among an elite group of companies to receive one of the SEMA Show’s highest honors.
The voting panel reviewed nearly 2,000 new style and performance products that were featured at this year’s Show. From these, the judges selected 10 products each that would be of the most interest and most likely to succeed commercially in their respective countries.
“This is a huge honor for SmartStart as our product goes global,” said Arturas Rainys, Director of International Sales & Corporate Development. “We recently announced availability of SmartStart in Australia, Mexico and the UK, with further announcements on the horizon. Just as the SmartStart signal can travel around the world, soon the SmartStart ecosystem will span the planet, bringing smartphone control to cloud-connected cars everywhere.”
For more information about Viper SmartStart, please visit or call (760) 598-6200.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Carlos Ramirez is interviewed By Mobile Electronics Magazine For MECP Master Installer Podcast

MECP Master Installer Podcast

Episode 3: Carlos Ramirez

"I knew my entire life there were only two things I wanted to do - become a pilot or work in electronics..."
MECP had the chance to chat with Carlos Ramirez who is the owner of NVS Audio out of Elizabeth, New Jersey. In this third MECP Master Installer Podcast, Ramirez talks about what prompted him to get certified and where that certification is taking him.
Carlos Ramirez
NVS Audio
Elizabeth, NJ
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Running Time: 12:35

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Remote start your car With your Iphone using Siri!!!!

Remote Start the Car By Voice with Siri?

Just a week ago, the hot advancement in remote start was to achieve it by tapping on your smartphone. The next leap forward may be to start your car by simply asking.
Siri voice starts carA software developer has hacked his iPhone 4S using Siri voice command to remote start his car by voice. He does this in conjunction with a Viper SmartStart module.
Brandon Fiquett’s discovery has gotten a lot of press attention this week. In his YouTube video below, he says “Start my car” and his Acura TL obeys. He can also use Siri to arm and disarm the vehicle, lock and unlock doors and also pop the trunk.
Directed Electronics, maker of the Viper SmartStart thinks talking to the car is a great idea, but not hacking into phones. “We don’t support any jailbroken apps on the iPhone, but if Apple ever decides to allow third-party app integration with Siri, you can be sure that Viper SmartStart customers will be talking to their cars on a daily basis,” said Jim Jardin, VP marketing.

Fiquett was able to achieve his feat “by using Siri Proxy created by another hacker @plamoni, and then running a custom PHP script on his home computer along with some custom plugins to communicate with Siri,” said GizMag.
Fiquet, who is also a minister and scuba diving instructor, says he offers the technology as a “proof of concept.”
Source: GizMag and
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Kenwood Releases Android cd mp3 radios for 2012 !!!

Kenwood will ship this month two car radios that work with Android phones.
Android users can plug in their phones into the Kenwood car radio which will then allow you to view the files like a thumb/flash drive.  If the user also downloads a Kenwood app,  he or she can then use the car radio’s seek, play and pause keys to control music on the phone.
The app will be available in January from Android Market, and will most likely be called Kenwood Music Control.
The KDC-252U is one of 2 new Kenwood radios with Android music control.
NVS AUDIO will have these units in stock starting Mid January 2012!!
If Kenwood does half as good a job with the Android music control as the did with the Apple Ipod music control, then their Android customers will be very very happy. We lood foward to testing these new headunits.

The Android-ready car CD/radios are the Kenwood  KDC-252U CD receiver and KDC-202U.
The KDC-252U has a $280  price installed (most cars). In addition to Android music playback and control you also get built-in Pandora control over an iPhone  including thumbs up/down.   The CD/radio has a front USB for connecting an iPod and mass storage devices.  The radio will also charge an iPhone.  It comes with a front AUX input and one set of pre-outs to allow system building, including the addition of a subwoofer through an optional signal output and a built-in low frequency crossover.  You also get remote control.
The step down model KDC-202U has a suggested retail price of $260 installed (most cars).  You get the same Android control but you lose iPhone and built-in Pandora control.   You also get front USB for mass storage devices, front aux in, one set of pre-outs, and remote control.
With most car radios, Android users can plug the phone  to hear their music (through the aux in jack) but there’s no control over the music so you must keep  picking up your phone to change songs while driving.
Source: Kenwood

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2003 - 2007 Nissan Murano Radio install kit now available!!! @ NVS AUDIO

We have been waiting for this radio install kit for a long time and now it's here!!!
Available in brushed silver and matte black.

We have been building custom dash kits for the Murano since 2003 , but it has been very time consuming and expensive. Now we can offer a more cost effective option to our customers. Kit is available now , so give us a call 908-527-6772. or e-mail us
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Monday, October 31, 2011

sapphire gentlemen's club nyc Limo Bus Build Sat Tv install, PS3, WiFi, and a bunch of TVs by NVS AUDIO

Sapphire gentleman's club NYC Limo Bus Sat TV install, PS3, WiFi
we added Autonet wifi hot spot, KVH Direct TV satellite TV dish system on the roof, full Rockford fosgate audio system, 10 Flat panel TVs, and much much more. New mini bar coming soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

G35 Touch screen navigation install on non navigation G35 (car must have color radio screen)

Icon Tv Touch screen nav retrofit on non nav G35. Great upgrade and one that my customers have been waiting for a LONG TIME!!! This works on almost all Nissan and Infinity vehicles with the factory COLOR radio screen. It requires the installation of a touch screen film over the factory glass non touch screen radio display, Installation of the hide a away Nav box , installation of the video adaptor to interrupt signal to factory screen and send new video signal, gps antenna, hidden nav speaker and mode switch. install takes 3-4 hours ( we like to take our time and do a clean solid install that will last years). We put the system throu its paces and it worked really , really good and added a few features that the factory nav did not (over speed limit warning, 3d mapping, etc...) Works good, easy install , not cutting, looks factory, A+ from us! Great job Icon TV!

Give us a call for a quote. 908-527-6772