Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IPAD 2 VS. The Motorola Xoom !!!!

IPAD 2 VS. The Motorola Xoom !!!!

This by far has been my favorite head to head comparison that I have done so far!! The Xoom by Motorola is the only thing that has come anywhere near close to matching the Apple IPAD in looks, functionality, battery life, ease of use, everything you can think of Motorola has thought of.
We will start with the few things that it does better than the Ipad2.
Plays Adobe flash, so more website will load on the xoom (IPAD does not support flash at all)
Docks in landscape mode !!!!  J  (I love my ipads but docking in landscape would be a plus for typing and watching movies while charging)
Port for added flash memory on top of the internal memory it comes with and file transfer (with the ipad you cannot add memory and you have to dock and sync to transfer files)
Negative points for the Xoom are :
Price $600 for the wifi only XOOM vs. $500 for the WI FI only IPAD2  (IPAD wins)  
$800 for the 3g 32gb $729 for the Apple 32gb WIFI IPAD2  (IPAD wins again)
Single mono speaker mounted on the back L at least it plays pretty loud (Ipad has 2 stereo speakers on bottom)
NO AV COMPOSITE OR COMPONENT VIDEO OUT!!!!!!!!!!      HDMI video out only and the Motorola HDMI video cable isn’t even out for the XOOM yet!!!!!! (This is a BIG deal to me because we install these in cars and need a composite video out to feed to the other screens in the car!) The Ipad offers component, composite , and HDMI out!!!!!!

Only does audio out from the headphone jack (IPAD does audio out from the headphone jack and the dock connector)
No ITunes type music store
This that they tie in:
Battery life is AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++ on both the Xoom and the Ipad over a week on a single charge on each under normal use!!!!
Speed !!! They are both super fast using You Tube, Netflix , Pandora, or just plain web surfing they are both super fast.
Touch screen, they both have very responsive touch screens, great short cut keys and swipes. The Ipad auto rotates a bit faster but I’m not gonna nit pick, Motorola did a great job.

In closing:
The Xoom by Motorola is the next best thing to an Apple Ipad 2 or a great alternative to an Ipad. I was not surprised that Motorola built the only unit on the market that can keep up with the ipad since they are the only company that was able to build a great droid phone. Motorola  was the king of the cell phone market for years (until the Iphone came along J) So they have the money , development team , and the knowhow to build great products. I love the Xoom and look forward it installing it in many of my customer’s Cars and Trucks (unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab that did not do too we against the Ipad in our last head to head test).  Motorola Great job on this on, Apple you are still in the lead, but you need to step it up now that you have competition from a worthy advisory.

Carlos Ramirez