Monday, February 27, 2012

NVS AUDIO our company and the services we offer


We are currently the ONLY MECP MASTER certified shop in New Jersey!
Carlos Ramirez holds a degree in Electronics
He is also MECP Master certified
MECP Advanced certified
MECP Basic certified
MECP Product specialist certified
Carlos Ramirez was voted
Top 100 Installers in the United States in 2010 and 2011
by Mobile Electronics Magazine.
We have over 20 years experience!
All of are Techs are Certified!

We offer :
Custom high end stereo system design and fabrication
Custom sub woofer enclosures
(we use computer software for enclosure design )
Custom fiberglass fabrication
Welding and metal fabrication
Sound deadening and sound proofing
SPL Metering and system tuning using our in house
SPL Meter, RTA Meter, Oscilloscope & DMM.
We offer Rockford 3sixty Adjustment and tuning.
We offer Audison Bit one and Bit ten adjustment and tuning.
JL Audio Clean Sweep adjustment and tuning.
Audio control LC8i and LC6 adjustment and tuning.
JBL MS8 adjustment and tuning.
We can calculate system current draw for you and much much more.

We offer
Ross Tech Vag Com Scanning and adjusting
for our VW and Audi customers.

We are Authorized dealers for :
Audison , Hertz, Pioneer , Kenwood, Kicker , Concept ,
Orion , ARC Audio, Cache , Isimple ,
Mobridge , Rockford Fosgate , Dei ,
Directed Electronics, Viper , Avital , Compustar Pro,
Dice Electronics , Audiovox, VOXX electronics.

Call or stop by.
758 Lidgerwood ave
Elizabeth NJ 07202
758 Lidgerwood ave
Elizabeth NJ 07202

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Friday, February 3, 2012

BMW X5 RSE rear seat entertainment TV dvd retrofit install for

2009 bmw x5 rse (REAR seat entertainment) retrofit install. Carbon fiber wood grain wrap by Installing a rear tv monitor in the BMW X5 is tough because of the panaramic sunroof, because of the roof you can not install i flipdown tv unit from the roof and because of the active headrest, headrest tvs are also hard to do and costly so we did a Factory BMW X5 rear seat monitor install , located parts from LKQ auto (screen) din sized aftermarket dvd player in factory pocket (factory unit only works with factory suv it came in because of the digital turn on etc..., cutting of the rear of the factory pocket is required) Carlos Ramirez Master Mecp Certified Elizabeth NJ 908-527-6772

758 Lidgerwood ave
Elizabeth NJ 07202

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Acura NSX concept!! Is it really coming back to the states????!!!!! :-)

Acura NSX Concept

Acura's Supercar Returns
Acura NSX Concept Live Top Side View
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Acura NSX Concept Front
Acura NSX fans will never forget the month of December in 2005. The last NSX bound for the North American market was built then and enthusiasts have been mourning the loss of Honda's first supercar ever since. Well now they can stop mourning, because a new-generation NSX with a powerful hybrid powertrain is coming to the U.S.

Acura NSX Concept Rear Three Quarter View
Recently, Acura invited a select group of journalists out to its dealer meeting in Las Vegas for a taste of things to come. Along with the new ILX sedan and RDX crossover, we laid eyes on the shapely NSX concept on display at the 2012 Detroit show -- and, better yet, received word that it previews an actual production car that is expected to be built right here in the USA and should be here in three year's time.
That immense lull between NSX models wasn't exactly intentional. Honda had been working on crafting a flagship sports car for quite a while, but what once seemed like a clear-cut plan quickly became tumultuous.
Acura NSX Concept Live Front Closeup
Acura NSX Concept Live Rear Closeup
Acura NSX Concept Live Rear Three Quarter
Acura NSX Concept Live Side
Acura NSX Concept Live Side View
Acura NSX Concept Live Top Side View
Let's recap: although the first-generation NSX ceased to be in 2005, Honda first started hinting at a successor back in 2003, when it began showing the HSC on the global auto show circuit. Two years later, while confirming demise of the original car, the company announced efforts to develop a successor "had intensified."

Acura NSX Concept Front Profile
True to its word, a concept foreshadowing such a vehicle emerged in early 2007. The Advanced Sports Car Concept, which debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, was said to hint at a new premium sports car, but many enthusiasts had trouble calling it the NSX. The reluctance was understandable, as the formula Honda was pursuing was a far cry from what we'd seen before. The ASCC eschewed a V-6 for a ten-cylinder engine, and also adopted a front engine layout and an all-wheel-drive system.

Acura NSX Concept Side View
Spy photographers subsequently caught prototypes testing on public roads, but the project wouldn't last for long. In 2008, an unstable automotive market and questionable global economic stability led Honda to reconsider its priorities -- not surprisingly, an expensive top-tier sports car wasn't exactly one of them. Although the development of a road car was canceled, the front-engine NSX project served as the basis of Honda's HSV-010 GT race car for the Japanese Super GT project.
Hope blossomed once again in early 2011, when Takanobu Ito, CEO of the Honda Motor Company and a former engineer on the original NSX project, confirmed his company was once again working on a new NSX.
This latest approach shares virtually nothing with the company's last stab at an NSX successor. Previous ideas, notably those that called for a ten-cylinder engine to be placed ahead of the passenger compartment, have been discarded in favor of an approach officials believe is much more in line with Acura's brand identity.
Acura NSX Concept Tail ;Ight
Acura NSX Concept Wheel View
Acura NSX Concept Rear View
Acura NSX Concept Head Light
Acura NSX Concept Rear Badge
Acura NSX Concept Front Three Quarters
As was the case with the original, the new NSX places its engine smack in the middle of its chassis. That engine will likely be a V-6, but that's where the similarities with the original car end. As was the case nearly two decades ago, Honda engineers view the car as a halo vehicle, one ideal for showcasing its engineering prowess and its latest and greatest technologies.

Acura NSX Concept Rear
Subsequently, the NSX will utilize a form of the new hybrid Super Handling-AWD (SH-AWD) system. The V-6, likely a 3.5- or 3.7-liter, will drive the rear wheels by means of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Unlike the current SH-AWD system, which would send power to the front wheels by way of a driveshaft and a mechanical differential, the NSX's front wheels will instead be powered by a pair of electric motors. As each motor is assigned to a wheel, the system has the ability to accelerate the outer wheel in a corner, creating a yaw moment that improves the car's ability to turn in and rotate. All told, the system could produce a net punch of about 400 hp.
Of course, packaging that sort of technology in a plain wrapper wouldn't suffice for a halo car. Love it or hate it, the new NSX's sheetmetal will certainly turn heads. Despite borrowing the Audi R8's general proportions and stance -- i.e. wide track, cabin pushed close to the front axle, etc. -- the car has a visual identity all its own.
Acura NSX Concept Front End.JPG
Acura NSX Concept Rear End.JPG
Acura NSX Concept Front Three Quarter.JPG
Acura's edgy design language takes center stage, but the beleaguered "beak" grille -- long a complaint of previous Acura designs -- is thankfully nowhere to be found. Thin LED headlamps give way to a panel that dominates the upper half of the grille. The car's side panels are relatively clean and unspoiled, interrupted only by a rather dramatic light kicker above the rocker panels and a character line that neatly folds into a pair of buttresses that wisp away from the roofline itself. A thin line of LEDs wraps itself into the rear fenders, runs the entire width of the rear fascia, and effectively serves as both brake lights and a center-mounted stop lamp. The display model we were shown lacked a full interior, but appeared to boast a waterfall instrument panel that evolved the twin cockpit theme used in the original NSX.

Acura NSX Concept Rear Three Quarters.JPG
Although Acura's only showing the car in coupe form at this point, there are rumblings of a convertible variant, fueled in part by the appearance of a similar-looking roadster on the set of the forthcoming Avengers super hero movie. If approved for production, expect that car to differ only in terms of its decklid, rear fenders, and side character line.
It's still unclear if the NSX will utilize its own architecture, or perhaps share its platform with another vehicle. It is, however, fairly certain to enter production. Officials tell us the development program is still in its infancy, but the car could enter series production as early as 2015.

Acura NSX Concept Front Three Quarters.JPG
Will a hybrid sports car scare off some purists? Perhaps. But it doesn't necessarily equate to a vehicle that's not enjoyable to drive. As was the case with the first NSX, engineers are striving for a balance between driving nirvana and daily tractability -- albeit this time with an ecological conscience thrown in for good measure.
"The NSX will make the driver one with the car to enhance dynamic driving abilities without getting in the way," says Honda CEO Ito. "Like the first NSX, we will again express high performance through engineering efficiency -- but even as we focus on the fun to drive spirit of the NSX, I think a supercar must respond positively to environmental responsibilities."
Acura NSX Concept Front Three Quarters
Acura NSX Concept Rear End
Acura NSX Concept Rear Three Quarter
Acura NSX Concept Rear Three Quarters
Acura NSX Concept Top View
Acura NSX Concept Side

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