Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tech tips for Alarm and remote start installs Viper , Avital, Compustar Fortin, IdataLink, Xpresskit

Here are a list of some known issues with some of the brands we install here at the shop, hope it saves you some time and headaches.

We use 3 brands of Bypasses and alarm / starters here at the shop, because no one brand is perfect and one company may have a BETTER solution for a vehicle than the other. We use compustar , fortin , idatalink, Xpresskit, avital and viper here ate the shop. With this mix of brands we are able to do 95% of the cars on the market today.
Viper is by far the most popular out of all the brand that we install and the easiest to use and understand.
In my opinion , Compustar works much better on manual transmission cars and is far more programmable than DEI / Viper. It is a Tech geek's dream, but also the most complicated to use and program. As far as bypasses i give Fortin the edge over the other 2 brands (xpresskit and idatalink) as far as car coverage and easy of install and programing. The Idatalink is out go to module when all else fails, it is by far the hardest to install (most wires to cut, splice into,) but if offers the most vehical coverage out of all 3 brands, Key KLON technology which allows us to do installs of remotes starts when customers only have one key. (we just did a 2011 Mazda 3 smartkey push start ,customer only had one key and the Idatalink ALCA was the ONLY module currently on the market that would do that car with only one smart key!!!!) and it helps that the idatalink works d2d with ALL the remote start brands we carry (dei/avital/viper/compustar). The DBall is the king of all modules as far a simplicity goes. Lease amount of wires to connect, rsr data remote start with t harnesses for allot of cars out there, works great d2d with all viper alarms and starters but it doesn't always work, doesn't do anywhere as near as many key KLON cars as Idatalink and it sometimes loses programing when the battery on the car dies.

issue 1: (as of 11/21/12)
Directed Avital d2d issues with xpresskit DBALL fix
Older  Avital units (11K date code and older) Hardwire power and ground for the DB ALL.

Newer Avital (11Kand Newer) Unit comes shipped in bitwriter mode must :
power down unit
Ground white and blue slave start (trigger start ) wire
Power  up  unit
Led will flash 5 times to confirm d2d mode
Remove ground from white and blue wire
issue 2
Xpress kit DBall (as of 11/21/12)
Viper 5904 d2d dball 2005 Nissan Titan
Everything work PERFECT!!! Except one feature
Double pulse unlock (i like all my doors to unlock at once when i hit unlock)
The module does not have a option for double pulse unlock in the module programing and it will not except the double pulse from the Viper unit until the driver door has already unlocked. If you hit the unlock again after a few seconds  then the passenger door unlocks but that is not the way i would like it. I can wire 2 wire the install but it does not make sense to do it that way because i would lose all mt d2d feature just to gain 1 feature, so will just live with it for now.

Viper (and directed) smart start blue tooth dsm50bt vsm50bt
I spoke to tech support and they said the problem will be fixed with the next update
(current app version is 3.0.1)
I have 2 cars with the viper smart start
car one has the vsm250 gps
car 2 has the vsm50bt
i can not control both cars from one single smart start app :-(
but tech support did give me a work around until the problem is fixed.
download both the smart start apps viper smart start and directed smart start and put one car on each so each car has its own dedicated app. works perfect!  tech support says that with the new update i will be able to control all my cars separately on the same app.  NOTE: The issue only applies if you have a smartstart 200 or 250 in one car and a blue tooth smartstart in another vsm50bt. You can gave as many vsm200 or 250 on the same app no problem.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ipad mini installed in dash Nissan Titan NVS AUDIO NJ

NVS AUDIO just finished up version 1.0 of the brand new Apple Ipad Mini that came out this week. (Version 1.0 because there are a few things that we need to figure out to make the install better, like audio / video out of the new lightning connector, charging with auto power on off of the ipad when the vehicle ignition turns on and off, theses are all problems we had when the ipad 1 first came out) We were one of the first shops in the world to put a Ipad 1st gen in a car (behind Soundman and fishman - check out our Mercedes cl600 amg ipad install below.) So we are very familiar with the problems that incar ipad installs are plagued with, we welcome the challenges with the new Ipad Mini.

In this install we chose to upgrade the already installed system in our Nissan Titan with a ipad Mini. The Nissan already had a Ipad 2 installed in a custom fiberglass arm rest console. The audio was feed into the Audison Bit one processor along with the signal from the Kenwood dnx 6990hd double din touch screen navigation in the dash. The signal runs from the Bit One into 3 Hertz  HDP amps and run a set of Hertz mille 3 way components upfront and a custom center channel full active along with a set of Hertz 10 inch High Energy 10 inch sub woofers under the rear seats.


We wanted to install the Ipad Mini in a way that still gave us access to the kenwood double din navigation , so we came up with the Magnetic float mount idea that Soundman car audio pioneered. The magnetic mount option makes the Ipad mini removable yet clean looking. We started fabrication by making a fiberglass pan for the Ipad mini with magnets in between the first and second layer of glass.

Then we took a Metra kit for the Nissan and moulded the pan onto the face of the metra kit.

we then blended the setup together with body filler.

We primed and wet sanded the mount, then sent it out for paint.


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