Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NVS AUDIO Installs a Viper Remote Start and Smartstart in the brand new 2013 Golf R

The 2013 Vw Golf R is a Bad ASS little car! 256 HP 2.0 Turbo the gets 27 miles per gallon, all wheel drive, 6 speed manual trans, Racorro seats, Dyna Audio stereo and a touch screen navigation, Blue tooth, HID headlights. Leather and sunroof. Only 2 things missing a Nice sub woofer to round out the Dyna Audio stereo and a Remote start (Remote start not available from the dealer because of the manual trans). But NVS AUDIO to the rescue !

The customer wanted the Viper Smart Start so we went with a complete viper setup
VSM 250 gps
DB All Inerface for the push start and the locks
556U  (must give up a Valet key to make the car start)
Viper 4204 2 way led remote starter kit.

Install took about 3 hours ( could have done it quicker but this a  brand new 2013 model she we were taking note on all the changes from 2012 - 2013.)

We took power and ground from the battery under the hood
(safer that way)

All connections are soldered !
The DBAll is d2d into the remote start and the smart start is pluged into the esp port also D2D\.

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