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NVS AUDIO 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Build Full custom audio system.

For 2012 Jeep total redesigned the audio system in the SRT8 Jeep grand Cherokee. And we took in one for a full custom audio build involving fiber glass, welded all metal amp rack, all wiring is Audson connection Pro series, STP sound proofing throughout the whole suv, etc..

In 2011 the SRT8 audio was done by Alpine

Alpine premium audio system

Alpine speakers

Alpine pre

Alpine premium audio system speaker locations

The Premium Alpine System speaker system includes speakers in 10 locations. Each of the standard speakers is replaced with Alpine Premium speakers.

One 8.89 centimeter (3.5 inch) diameter speaker is installed in the center of the instrument panel under the defroster grille (1)

One 2.54 centimeter (1 inch) silk dome tweeter speaker is located in the mirror flag area of each front doors (2)

One 15.2 X 22.9 centimeter (6 X 9 inch) speaker is located in each front door (3)

One 16.5 centimeter (6.5 inch) diameter speaker is located in each rear door (4)

One 6.35 centimeter (2.5 inch) diameter speaker is installed in each of the D-Pillars (5)

One 20.3 centimeter (8 inch) subwoofer located in the passenger side quarter panel (6)

The Alpine speaker system also includes a 506 watt amplifier  (7)


For 2012

the audio was done by Harman Kardon and they did a heck of a job the factory system sounds great ! But lucky for us , some customers want better.

Harman speaker locations

Harman Kardon premium audio system speaker locations
Harman Kardon premium audio system speaker locations

The new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8® combines on-road refinement and performance with the ultimate Harman Kardon® Logic 7 Surround Sound System. With best-in-class playback precision and innovative GreenEdge® technology the new system provides the ultimate music listening experience. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 surround sound system includes 19 high-performance speakers in 14 locations and is designed to deliver twice the acoustical power output and sound reproduction.The system offers a 32-volt Tracking Power Supply (TPS

One 8.89 centimeter (3.5 inch) diameter speaker is installed in the center of the instrument panel under the defroster grille (1).

One 2.54 centimeter (1 inch) silk dome tweeter speaker is located in the mirror flag area of each front doors (2).

One 15.2 X 22.9 centimeter (6 X 9 inch) speaker is located in each front door (3).

One 8.89 centimeter (3.5 inch) diameter speaker is located in each front door (4).

One 2.54 centimeter (1 inch) silk dome tweeter speaker is located in each rear door (5).

One 16.5 centimeter (6.5 inch) diameter speaker is located in each rear door (6).

One 25.4 centimeter (10 inch) subwoofer located in the right side quarter panel (7)

One 8.89 centimeter (3.5 inch) diameter speaker is installed in each of the D-Pillars (8).

825-watt amplifier located in the left side quarter panel (9).

Rear surrounf right

Harman speaker locations


To maintain the 7.3 Logic 7 surround sound true digital signal we used a Audison Bit one Processor.

We took output from the factory amp

Front Left

Front right


Rear left

Rear Right

Rear Surround left


We fed all 8 channels into the Bit One,

The next step is to assign outputs. The Bit One will ask you to determine fronts, rears, and subs. You can assign channel numbers and whether or not the front and rear speaker have passive crossovers between the mid and tweet. Once this is all done we  inserted the setup disc into your CD drive and turned the volume up to just before clipping using our oscilloscope .

The Bit One Processed, time aliened, set crossover points, complete I was able to start tuning. The Bit One gives you many features to get your system tuned in just right. First you have to determine if you use a full range, high-pass, low-pass or band-pass crossover. Then you set the crossover type: you can use either Linkwitz-Reiley or Butterworth type networks. Crossover frequency is highly adjustable. It is grouped into different frequency sets and then broken down further from there. Next you will need to decide on where you want your listening position to be set for the time delay. To set the delay simply measure all your distances and enter them for each speaker. The Bit One will set the delays automatically (there is also the ability to fine tune the delay in .02 milliseconds). In addition, there's a phase inversion button to invert the phase of any speaker as well as a left/right crossover link.

The equalizer is 31 band 1/3 octave e per output channel  that can be set for each individual channel or for linking the left/right respective channels. For This parts we used our RTA (Real Time Analyzer).

The speakers we chose where all Hertz Audio :-)   (My personal favorite)

165 XL Hi energy components 6.5 inch in the front doors.

4 inch in the center dash

165 XL Hi Energy components 6.5 inch in rear doors

4 inch rear surrounds

2 12 inch Hi Energy subwoofers

For amplification we used 

One mono - one 5 channel - and one 4 channel

All Hertz Audio HHDP1 - HDP4 - HDP5

Fitting all those amps and still making it look clean was a job and a half!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pioneer APP radio 2 for Apple Iphone and now for Android too!

Pioneer updated its App radio for 2012 .

The app radio 2 has a few impressive upgrades over App radio that came out late year.
App radio 2 now adds another set of RCA pre out for a total of two (hopefully it will have High pass filter for the front outputs and selectable high pass / low pass for the rear but i doubt it) The major upgrade and difference between app radio 1 and 2 is the addition of Android support fot the most popular droid phone out there. It will connect to android phones over MLH or micro HDMI. The rest of the features remain mostly unchanged, Am/Fm radio with RDS, No CD drive, USB for music and video from flash memory devices, Bluetooth hands free calling and audio streaming, back up camera input (but still no video output for rear seat monitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) steering wheel control input, and the biggest pit fall for the unit...... YOU MUST INITIATE THE APPS FROM THE PHONE SCREEN BEFORE YOU CAN CONTROL THEM FROM THE PIONEER TOUCH SCREEN !!! YOU CAN NOT LAUNCH THE APP FROM THE TOUCH SCREEN :-(
In pioneers defence this is probably a limitation of the device (iPhone/droid) not the pioneer unit , because no company so fall has be able to do this either.

We should have a BETA unit to test in a couple of months, so check back . We will post a video of the hands on test drive of the new APP radio 2.

Carlos Ramirez  Mecp Master level Tech

Read the artical from 12 volt news .com below for more info

AppRadio 2 Adds Support for Select Androids

Ted Cardenas addresses the press assembled at the Venetian Hotel on Monday prior to opening day of CES 2012.
LAS VEGAS, NV (01.16.11) – Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the leader in aftermarket car electronics technology, at CES unveiled AppRadio™ 2,  its newest smartphone powered in-vehicle audio system.  Guided by its  “rethinking connectivity” philosophy and the experience gained from the development of the first AppRadio platform, Pioneer’s  new AppRadio 2 contains all the features of the original AppRadio, while expanding compatibility to now include many of the latest Android smartphones equipped with either the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) or a micro HDMI connection1.
Pioneer AppRadio 2 now includes menu buttons for Android powered phones.
This expansion means the AppRadio 2 supports both of the most popular smartphone platforms and provides a solution for integrating these devices safely and easily into the vehicle.  The AppRadio 2’s capacitive touchscreen is a larger 7-inch size, but like the original, enables control of supported functions using similar touch and motion gestures of the connected smartphone device.  For safety and convenience, AppRadio 2 features built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling2, an input for an optional vehicle-mounted rear facing back-up camera, an input for interfacing with the vehicle’s steering wheel controls3and two sets of pre-amp outputs for connection to external amplifiers.
Members of the press stream into the Pioneer press conference at the large Marco Pollo venue in the Venetian.
“Since the first generation AppRadio was introduced last year, consumers have been quick to recognize and embrace the power and potential of this product.  However many consumers requested compatibility and support for additional devices,” said Ted Cardenas, director of marketing for the car electronics division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.  “By expanding AppRadio 2’s compatibility, we are able to provide even more drivers a convenient and safer way to integrate their smartphone and their apps into their vehicles.  Additionally, this expansion will accelerate the growth of available AppRadio compatible apps, as many developers support both smartphone platforms as well.”
Pioneer's Ted Cardenas noted to the audience that in 6 short months Pioneer had developed a new product category in the 12 volt arena - AppRadio. At CES 2012 Pioneer introduced AppRadio 2.
Pioneer’s AppRadio 2 features a clean and simple aesthetic with minimal physical buttons, as the majority of the functions and controls are operated via the high resolution WVGA (800 x 480) 7-inch capacitive touchscreen.  This capacitive touch panel is used for all functions including the app interface, music control/playback, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth hands-free calling features.
This is a screenshot of the AppRadio 2 interacting with an Android powered cell phone.
AppRadio 2 includes all of the built-in functions of the original AppRadio as well as smartphone integration through the use of the free Pioneer AppRadio application and compatible third-party apps.  The Pioneer AppRadio application enables access to the data and connectivity of the connected smartphone and compatible third-party apps.
Pioneer's long history for in car entertainment was chronicled during the press conference. Today it's music and information.
As with the original AppRadio, the AppRadio 2 features a built-in AM/FM tuner with RDS text information display (when available) and full control/playback of music stored on the connected smartphone device.  Safe, in-vehicle phone functionality is simple with built-in Bluetooth, enabling hands-free cellular phone operation using the car’s speakers and the included external microphone to turn the car into a rolling speakerphone.
Pioneer’s AppRadio 2 will be available in April with a suggested retail price of $499.  The original AppRadio model will also continue to be available at a suggested retail price of $399.
Pioneer’s Car Electronics Division is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease-of-use.  Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and emerging media, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors.
For more information visit
Additional pictures from the press conference. Click to enlarge.

1Optional cables for Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) and micro HDMI connection sold separately.
2Bluetooth functionality requires a compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Certain Bluetooth features may not be supported by all compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices, and/or the functionality of such features may be limited in certain devices or by certain wireless carriers. See more details about compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones at the following webpage: “”.
3 Optional 3rd party adapter required.
NOTE: Do not use your Pioneer system while driving, doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules. In some states certain operations of devices while driving may be illegal. Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed.
PIONEER and AppRadio are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pioneer Corporation.
GOOGLE is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
ANDROID is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Must have APPS of 2012 for your car and home audio system.

Pandora !!!! Internet radio app is my personal favorite !!! The free version is cool, lets you make "smart play list" of your favorite artist and groups their music together with music from similar artist that for the most part work well together. The free app gives you about 6 commercial free songs in a row , then i squeezes in a 15 second commercial (still better than FM radio 10 min of music 15 min of commercials), put if you pay the 30 a year (like i did) you get 100% commercial free listening!!! That $2.50 a month !!!! you cant beat that! Almost all the new 2012 CD and multimedia head units we sell  here at the shop supports Pandora direct control for IPhone , Ipad and Ipod touch (when in wifi) from the head unit including song names , artist info, and album artwork. Allot of the new ones even support Pandora direct from Android devices.

All 2012 BMW with with factory option 6NR, "BMW Apps." come factory equipped with Pandora !!
It also comes in some Hyundi , Fords, GM, Toyota and Scion!

My vote for the second must have app for the car is Spotify.

Available for PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipod touch, and Android. It is free to use on your PC or MAC but if you want to use it in your car , around the house or on you mobile device, it's gonna cost you $10 a month for premium service plan.
Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Unlike Pandora There is no free version of the service (but it is commercial free) They offer a 48 hour free demo of the service. Spotify service is $10 a month . The 2 Major differences between Spodify and Pandora is that Spodify gives you complete albums Pandora does not, Spodify allows you download and store your favorite music for offline use on up to 3 devices or computers (as long as you keep your subscription active).

Using the Offline mode

With Spotify Premium, you get the super-handy Offline mode. You decide which playlists you’d like to make sacred, and Spotify will sync the tracks to your computer or phone.
This means your favorite playlists will always be there for you, whether you’ve got access to the internet or not. Great news for travelling on planes and trains, or lazing on a beach.

How to...

Just switch Available offline to the ON position for any of your play lists that you’d like to include. Or right-click on a play list name and select Available offline.

Go offline whenever you like

You can also ‘Force Offline’ on your mobile phone at any time. Spotify will wave goodbye to the Internet and go offline. Perfect if you’ve got a low battery or want to reduce Internet use.
Offline mode allows you to sync tracks on up to three computers or mobiles phones at the same time. Each can sync a maximum of 3,333 tracks. Not 3,334, in case you were wondering.

NetFlix is my number 3 choice. If you already have a netflix account (with streaming) you can view (older) movies unlimited and free in your car and on your Iphone, Ipad and android device. All the new 2012 multi media head units with APP mode or Ipod by have mode that we stock support Netflix. Tv shows , movies, Pod cast and more!!!  Love it !!!

My number 4 choice is Motion X GPS navigation

Its $1 to try and $10 a year for the full version.
Why i like it and why i thing it's worth it? It's a hi quality navigation app that works with all multi Media head units that support App mode or Ipod by hand mode. So you can buy a Non Navigation multi media head unit (normally half the cost of a built in nav unit) and upgrade it to Navigation for only $10 a year !!! It allows you to play music from your phone or access Pandora while navigating and you can also make and receive phone call via blue tooth while using the Nav app.

My number 5 app is Sirius Xm mobile app.

Why i like it? You can all ways have you favorite Sirius and xm station with you in the car and at home or even at the gym! the service is linked to the app on your phone , not your car or you home!
also long as you have a unlimited data plan on your phone or other Mobile device you are good to go.
The only thing i don't like about the service is that you have to already have a xm / Sirius subscription $16 a month and them add Internet listening another $3 o month for a total of almost $20 a month after taxes and fees. I don't think that's fair. I hope that in the future they offer a Internet only listening package for $10 a month or less ($5 a moth would be great ).

Check back soon , more App recommendations to come soon.
Stop by the shop to check out all of these new technologies and give these APPs a test drive.
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