Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ipad mini in dash install Chrysler Town and Country ( Dodge Caravan )

Another Ipad Mini in dash install by NVS AUDIO this time in a Chrysler Town and Country (same as the Dodge Caravan ).
Customer wanted :
Ipad Removable
Best audio quality
& Charging

So we went with a Pioneer 4 volt head unit to start things off :
cd mp3 aac , 2 usb ports, bluetooth hands free, bluetooth audio streaming, aux, EQ, crossovers, etc...

Pioneer DEH-P9400BH

output from the Ipad mini goes into a Cache Cloc+d line driver to boast the weak audio signal from the Ipad.
The signal than goes into the Pioneer cd rb 20 

              Auxiliary input adapter for P-Bus receivers

we used this so we would not have any wire sticking out of the front of the cd player
(nice clean look)

Then from the outputs of the radio we ran into a set of pioneer amps which feed 2 sets of rockford components.

We started the build with abs , body filler and fiberglass mat.

 we relocated the radio to the lower section of the dash where a storage pocket use to be. We fiberglass molded the trim and radio cage so the radio would mount from the rear ISO din style.

After lot and lots of sanding and shaping.

And more sanding

Then off to primer and paint.

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Linden NJ 07036