Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Apple Ipad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

I currently own 3 Ipads (one for the house Ipad 2 32gb 3g, one for my Escalade 64gb 3g, and one for my shop to demo for customers 16gb wifi) I picked up the 3g Galaxy tab so i could get to know it (we do alot of ipad installs here are the shop www.nvsaudio.com and the 10 inch ipad just does not fit in every dash) so i wanted to give my customers a 7 inch option (galaxy tab) to the ipad. The Galaxy tab is a small powerful cute little device, but it is over weight (heavier than the ipad even though the ipad is bigger!) The google os works well will all google apps , but that is about it. It is much slower than the Ipad, the keyboard is the most annoying i have ever used (typing in numbers in particular ) but the worst thing about the Galaxy tab Battery Life !!!!! or the lack there of ;-(     2 hours under normal use!!!?????? I get over 10 hours on the ipad!!!! for 2 hours of battery life i am better of using my more powerful laptop !! But in the Galaxy's defence if you are gonna have it installed in a car this is really a non issue . Most of the google apps are free and work well, (on the ipad you have to pay for almost everything most apps are a dollar or two thanks god) google maps works great for navigation and integrates seamlessly with google contacts and your phone book. You tube is slow and choppy on the Galaxy tab but silky smooth on the ipad. The google web browser is clunky and confusing on the Tab, the safari browser on the ipad is great, and super easy to use. The audio output on the ipad is slightly much better than the one on the tab, but then again they have been making ipod for years now so it is no wonder they have this mastered. As far as easy of use, my 3 year old godson picks up the ipad , pushed the home button, slides the onscreen slider to the left, touches his games folder and begins to enjoy his favorite games... On the Galaxy tab he can't even figure out how to turn it on ;-(   (you don't want to upset a 3 year old with a $700 electronic device in his hand lol)     Even  with some thing as simple as rotating the screen from portrait to landscape mode the ipad does it flawlessly , the Galaxy Tab gets confused and stuck and when it finally does rotate it take forever. I'm not giving up on the Galaxy tab (i love the 7 inch size , i can literally take it anywhere!!!) hopefully the next software update will take care of some of the glitches, but i'm not trading in my ipad any time soon, it is just too close to perfect. I will upload video of my side by side comparison of both units soon, below i will post some of our install pics of the tab and ipads.

Acura TL Type S A spec

This car took 4 months to build (and we are not done yet!!!!)
Custom smoked headlights (done here in house)
Nav inteface video in to factory nav screen
8k hid kit headlight and fog
3 k yellow daytime running lights
Custom 2 tone paint job
custom leather and black suede interior
police siren
viper lc3 pager alarm remote start with gps tracking
i simple ipod interface
20 inch assanti 3 pc wheels
red led under dash lighting
2 kicker L7 solobarick 12
4 rockford fosgate power series amps
5 ten inch woofers
8 sets of 6.5 inch components
black suede roof / headliner
Suede a b and c pillars
7 inch headrest screens
9 inch tvs in trunk lid
and much more too come soon...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bmw Z3 build

We did a simple clean build for one of our customers
The car was pretty sick to start with:

 Custom dark blue paint
full body kit
18 inch custom wheels
7 inch flipout touch screen
but nothing hot in the trunk.
so we hooked him up.
whole trunk wrapped in suede
nintendo wii
20 inch lcd tv molded into the trunk lid
along with 2 speakers for passing the time at car shows
and car club funtions.


Future upgrade plans include :
Custom interior, fiberglass center console, apple ipad install...